If you’re golf enthusiast, about 10 minutes from Podere "Il Corniolino", you will find the famous Golf Club Casentino. Its beautiful golf course is located on a panoramic hill of incomparable beauty at 500 meters altitude. Here the look embraces the whole valley.


The National Park, together with the Italian Alpine Club, offers to visitors a wide range of routes: more than 600km of pathways, 9 natural pathways for the naturalistic interpretation and 2 very accessible pathways. On these last two pathways, also blinded men, people with wheelchairs or who walks with difficulties, can hike. You will find a lot of excursions in valleys, ridges, forests and secular woods. You will have the possibility to get lost in a green ocean and in a landscape that in spring lights up with thousand of colored flowers and, in autumn, with giant beeches and chestnuts.


If your world is the bike, you will not stay disappointed. You can find up to 20 itineraries dedicate to the mountain bike, both for experts and for amateurs. And if you are particularly competitive, in June the "Casentino Bike" takes place: it is a race which belongs to the circuits of "Tuscan Cup", "Scapin Italian Mountain Bike" and "Appennino Super Bike".


The Tripoli Lake is only 15 minutes drive from Podere "Il Corniolino". Here you can fish individually or you can take part to a race. There is also a river, named "Corsalone", where you can swim in big natural pools with waterfalls, and you can make a picnic in beautiful gardens with tables and benches. Another beautiful lake is "Marena", with its ancient village and its famous castle. This place is a WWF’s oasis and you can bird watching and observe wild animals.


Florence is an important academic center and it is also an Unesco heritage, it is considered the place of birth of Renaissance and it is universally considered the cradle of art and architecture. It is also one of the most beautiful cities of the world, thanks to its monuments and museums, among which the Dom, Santa Croce, Uffizi, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Pitti. In the Middle Ages, it has been an important cultural, commercial, economic and financial center; in the modern age, it was the capital of Granducato di Toscana, under the domain of Medici and Lorena families. From 1865 to 1870, Florence was the capital of Italy, after the unification of the country.


From Podere "Il Corniolino" you can arrive to Arezzo in only 25 minutes by car (30km). The territory around the municipality of Arezzo is vary large and various: there is a valley named Val di Chiana and its river (named Arno), there are some hills south of the city, and there are also mountains, especially to the east. There are a lot of villages around Arezzo: on the Val di Chiana’s side, there are Civitella in val di Chiana, Castiglion Fiorentino, Cortona, Monte San Savino and Marciano della Chiana; on the Valdarno’s side there are Laterina and Castiglion Fibocchi; on the Casentino’s side, you can find Capolona and Subbiano; on the Valtiberina’s side, there are Anghiari, Monterchi and two umbrian cities, which were in Tuscany until 1927: Città di Castello and Monte Santa Maria Tiberina.