Podere il Corniolino

Podere "Il Corniolino" is in Casentino, a valley between the provinces of Arezzo and Florence. It is a completely family run farmhouse. Erika personally cares for the apartments, her bees and honey, and breakfast with handmade desserts and jams.

Once, this little house, was an ancient mansion where tired and hungry travelers could find rest and resume the forces in order to continue the journey. It has been completely renovated, but always maintaining the heat of ancient things and, mostly, the tuscan details, like ceramics, wood beams, stone arcades.

"Today it is very difficult to dream… but we have to continue, trying to stop the time even just for some hours, some days... in a corner of (Tuscan) Paradise."


This National Park is a protected area where a lot of different species of animals and plants live, far away from the hand of man and the pollution. Everybody writes and talks about the park, but only a few people really know it and, above all, live it in all its aspects! To spend even a few days in Podere "Il Corniolino" means to taste everything about nature, from its perfumes to its noises, and its silences... Herbal perfumes, lots of flowers, the chirping of birds, the hum of bees, the roars of deers, but we can also learn to listen to its silence... in the most absolute peace and tranquillity, far away from the frenetic life of the city. You will be able to spent an holiday far away from home... but at the same time you will feel something like home, thanks to kindness and hospitality!

We produce biological honey

Thanks to its 20 beehives and 5 hectares of wood, the farm produces excellent honey of acacia, fir, chestnut, heather and arbutus. These beehives are located in healthy, ventilate and sunny areas, which can give to the bees excellent nectar, pollen and water. This is the reasons why they are far away from sources of chemical and industrial pollution.